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Using XCover 4 key when screen is turned off
3 2 1 year 6 months
Kiosk mode with kiosk parameter
Hi   I'm trying to set my Samsung Galaxy core prime into Kiosk mode with a specific app as a parameter.
13 0 1 year 6 months
Failed to test the license demo app
Hi I've downloaded the demo app, update the ELM key, but always get license failed. It's also the same result with my real app. Any ideas? On Samsung s5 
5 0 1 year 6 months
Mobile Data Restriction
We want to set mobile data using state true or false and prevent user changes. In Knox Standard SDK we use setCellularData API. But when we set it true, user can change it.
3 1 1 year 6 months
Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_HW_CONTROL
Hi experts,  
1 0 1 year 6 months
setIncomingCallRestriction for one sim in dual phone sim
How to set  setIncomingCallRestriction for one sim only?
1 1 1 year 6 months
SamsungEducation.initialize Error on Nougat Devices
I found this error while executing samsungEducation.initialize() Log : 
0 1 1 year 7 months
Knox Universal Credential Manager (UCM) SDK questions
Since there is no forum category for Knox Universal Credential Manager SDK and this was part of Knox ISV SDK before, I am posting the question here.
0 1 1 year 7 months
BK Package Disabler using Samsung sdk on b2c
Hello, How Samsung allowing apps like "BK Package Disabler", which is blocking many MDM apps
6 5 1 year 7 months
How to set the locating method always in high accuracy?
As the title, is there has any function can be used to reach this goal? I want to get the location via gps, network and WiFi.  
1 0 1 year 7 months
SDK 1.1 is same as 1.0
Hi, Why does SEAP have examples of 'SDK 1.1' when the jar available on download is exactly same as v1.0? The API calls mentioned in this example are not available in the SDK
1 0 1 year 7 months
Will SDK be available after factory reset
I am about to reset my Galaxy Tab iris SM-T116IR .Can any one confirm whether the aadhar app and biometric sdk remain in the tab even after factory reset?.
2 1 1 year 7 months
Where can we get that "com.sec.indiaidentity.SamsungRDActivity" activity?
I am using latest Samsund Identity SDK v1.1. I was able to activate license.
1 1 1 year 7 months
India Identity SDK : not able to capture data
Dear sir, I have successfully Activate the License key  of India Identity of Samsung SDK.and Land to the next page.but not able to start the capture data. kinkly see the scenario.
3 1 1 year 7 months
setPowerSavingMode(int mode). No such method
Hi I'm trying to toggle power saving mode on my Samsung S7. I've integrated Knox Standard SDK v5.9 into my project.   I call the folowing code:
1 0 1 year 7 months
Will the SDK & Services be available in the future?
Hey, Because all the emails and articles about knox termination I wanted to ask if
3 0 1 year 7 months
What Android permissions do I need to use the KNOX Customization SDK?
Is there a reference sheet outlining the details of the Android permissions?
10 1 1 year 7 months
Urgent clearStoredBlockedSms () API Not working
We have an urgent feature in MDM to delete all sms, we used Standard SDK API clearStoredBlockedSms ()  correctly, but it is not working.  So this is an urgent requirement, can anyone help ?
1 0 1 year 7 months
How to delete all SMS
I like to wipe all SMS message from the phone, I use clearStoredBlockedSms () API nothing happning ? is thre any API to delete all SMS
2 1 1 year 7 months
Production key hanging
When I cleck generate key page  hanging , and keep on showng progressbar ? Any idea ?
1 0 1 year 7 months