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Spen get Pen touches information
Good morning people!  
1 0 1 year 8 months
How to implement Remote Desktop
I can see APIs RemoteDesktop::getInstance() related to Remote Desktop, but no example code given and it also say "android.permission.sec.MDM_REMOTE_CONTROL" permission which has a protection level
2 0 1 year 8 months
addPackagesToNotificationBlackList not working
I have added addPackagesToNotificationBlackList() as below for gmail, still i am getting gmail notificaton on notificationbar device t580 android 7
3 1 1 year 8 months
Old and New SDK
The new Knox SDK is good, but as now we have lot of old devices and new devices  (Knox version < 3 and Knox version 3) what is the best way to write apps support both ?
1 0 1 year 8 months
Outdoor brightness setting
Is there a way to set the outdoor brightness setting found on some Samsung devices via the Standard SDK?  
9 5 1 year 8 months
Is Knox dead after Injong Rhee resigned ?
2 2 1 year 8 months
Want to control native calling screen while i have incoming call.
0 0 1 year 8 months
I'm looking through the Knox SDK sample, and a comment on the ActivateLicense() method says:
2 0 1 year 8 months
Add Shortcut issue
I want to add shortcut in kiosk mode. kioskModeAppPacakgeNameList is a list which I wnat to add the shortcuts. BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID is the package name of the current app.
2 1 1 year 8 months
Unable to move non-system app to KNOX Container
Hello Team,   I'm trying to move a non-system app (Admin App) to KNOX Container. 
1 0 1 year 8 months
disable emergency cell broadcast notification or pop up in kiosk mode
Hi As I have no way to really verify the behavior, so I raise the questions here.
2 2 1 year 8 months
DefaultAppConfiguration API
Hi, I'm working on a Samsung SM-T365 device running Android 5.1.1: Knox: 2.5 Standard SDK: 5.5.0 Premium SDK: 2.50 Customization SDK: 2.50  
1 0 1 year 8 months
I’m using the Cloud SDK and I’m trying to send push notifications. Why isn’t this working?
I'm not sure why this isn't working.
2 0 1 year 8 months
Knox Cloud SDK - fetch profiles and send push-notification
I am trying to implement Samsung KNOX cloud SDK into our MDM solution.
3 2 1 year 8 months
How to activate license without showing the "Samsung KNOX Privacy Notice" confirmation window
3 1 1 year 8 months
Listing the app in the "Unmonitored" list
Is there a way to place the list in the "Unmonitored" list under battery settings?
4 2 1 year 8 months
Do I need to contact reseller to buy Standard SDK production license??
Hi I want to use the Standard SDK on our app.
8 0 1 year 8 months
Power saving mode and status bar
Hi, 1. Is Samsung C-SDK has function to allow/ disallow user enter Power saving mode ? I had try 
1 0 1 year 8 months
setBootAnimation return -40 Integer value using SystemManager API
I am Trying to implement the SetBootAnimation and SetShutdownAnimation.
10 2 1 year 8 months
Using XCover 4 key when screen is turned off
3 2 1 year 9 months