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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT
I am testing an app in a Samsung J3 device with Android 5.1.1 and calling this method: appPolicy.addPackagesToForceStopBlackList(list);
15 0 1 year 6 months
Firewall.addDomainFilterRules() returns fail
Hi. I have found an issue where the following API call fails on a phone registered with KCC/KC. Firewall.addDomainFilterRules(List<DomainFilterRule> rules)
1 0 1 year 6 months
ELM activation error 206
Hi Samsung, I got error 206 when activated ELM key on android Samsung SM-P585Y android 7. But the same App running normally on Samsung SM-T285 android 5.1.1.
3 0 1 year 6 months
Cannot generate KNOX SDK License Key
Hello, I'm trying to integrate KNOX SDK 3.1, but I have problems to generate license key.
2 0 1 year 6 months
How to monitor OTA start and finish status??
Hi Is there a way to monitor OTA download session start and finish status once user hit Settings --> Software Update --> Download updates manually??
0 1 1 year 6 months
Cannot generate a license key
I want to generate a development knox premium sdk key.
3 0 1 year 6 months
how to remove downloaded(not yet applied) OTA package?
Hi Is there a way to remove the downloaded but not yet applied OTA package??   Thank you  
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Enable roaming programmatically using Knox Standard SDK
Dear Samsung team,   Is it possible to enable roaming programmatically using Knox Standard SDK ? I mean really enable it, like if the user was going in the settings and check it.
3 1 1 year 6 months
안녕하세요. KNOX API 관련 질문 요청 드립니다. KNOX API 를 이용한 MDM App을 구현하여 사용중에 있습니다. App 기능중 전체 초기화 부분을 막는 기능을 사용해야 되어 allowFactoryReset API 를 사용하였습니다.
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list of (internet permission) pkgs to be safely disabled
Hi I'm trying to disable pkgs for we want to minimize the number of apps that can "talk "to network.
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setUnlockSimPin | setUnlockSimOnBootState not working
I'm using Knox Customization SDK. I want to set sim card pin programmatically like this:
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Android Studio 3 and Knox SDK 3 Installation Issues
SDK Add-on instructions not working for Android Studio 3.0
3 1 1 year 7 months
wipeDevice = factory reset ?
If I use the standard wipeDevice API with WIPE_INTERNAL_EXTERNAL_MEMORY flag, is the result the same as a user-initiated factory reset?  If not, what are the deltas?  I am specifically referring to
3 1 1 year 7 months
CustomDeviceManager.getInstance() is returning null
Hi , In my andorid application, I have updated the legacy SDK's with the new KNOX SDK. Migration was successful and I was able to create a build.
3 2 1 year 7 months
runtimePermissions.add(""); runtimePermissions.add("");
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Knox SDK complete mess
I have build the sample code and i am getting below error, the libs ( knoxsdk.jar supportlib.jar) given in the example code later than released version.
1 3 1 year 7 months
Spen pressure data
Hi, We need to obtain pressure data from the spen to capture a handwritten signature with biometric data
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Samsung Knox License (SKL) release date
What is the E.T.A for the release of the production Samsung Knox License (SKL)?
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Where is Samsung Pass SDK for IRIS
Good morning. I want to create an iris recognition login app that works with Samsung Pass Apps.
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KNOX SDK Support Unavailable Anymore?
Hi, Our company is a KNOX SDK customer. I recently noticed that i can't  submit SDK support questions via
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