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Container - setMaximumFailedPasswordsForWipe / setMaximumFailedPasswordsForDeviceDisable
Hi fellow developers, I'm investigating a bug of one of our customers, and stumbled across the following problem.
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Prevent remote ***** of phone
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No active admin owned by uid 10222
Hello, I have an activated licence key. I tried to use method
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setSettingsHiddenState not working
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Auto launching a native service on Gear S3
Hi all,
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Knox SDK on unconnected tablet
Please forgive the newbie question... I work for a large government agency and developed an app that runs in a high security, "no connectivity environment".
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Bixby button turns screen on even though Bixby disabled.
Is there a process or API or something in Knox I can use to stop the Bixby button from constantly waking devices, even when we don't use Bixby.
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ailed to validate the product key when installing the app grom google play
Hi! i have a strange issue with my app.  when im installing the APK from any android device KNOX SDK is working fine.
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Allow Wifi/Bluetooth changes from settings bar, but disable settings screen
Is it possible to allow changes to wifi/ bluetooth settings from settings bar, but prevent a user to access settings screen?  Is there any way to prevent getting to settings screen?
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3 Questions
One: Is there any support for Kotlin or must I make a javasclass and include it that way.
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Where can I download the samsung india identity SDK and library?
I need the samsung india identity SDK and library for scanning iris. How or Where can I download this SDK and library? Please help me. Thanks a lot.
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ELM: Invalid license with SM-T555
I'm trying to activate the KNOX license with backwards-compatibility app an Galaxy Tab A (SM-T555).
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APN OR
Dear team, I tried this app on android version marsmallow and lollipop is not getting this issue, but when running on Nouget this about permission
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Edu SDK error popup
Hi All, I am just trying to build apps with the new SDK its working fine on the nougat devices.
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Device settings reset
Hello, Is there a way to programmatically call "Reset Settings" via Knox or any other way?
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App crashes in Kiosk mode. UncaughtExceptionHandler not called.
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Activation 301 on Knox Manage Workspace
Hi, I am developing apps which need to be installed inside of workspace container of Knox Manage.
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API "installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)" will not work in Android Nougat
We use the API - installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard) to install apk's which are downloaded to
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Issue permission KNOX APN or MDM_APN
Dear All, I just buil with Knox SDK and that's running normaly on Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Android version 6.0, but when I build on android version 7.0 I got error message,
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Build Error supportlib.jar
Error:(31, 1) error: cannot find symbol static PERMISSION_POLICY_STATE_GRANT Error:(141, 21) error: cannot find symbol variable PERMISSION_POLICY_STATE_GRANT
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