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AppIdentity class is only supported from API level 17 and above (current is 14) using new SDK
Hi, I'm facing a problem trying to migrate KNOX SDK with supportlib. Currently, I'm activating these permissions in my app:
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DateTimePolicy.setNtpInfo has no effect whatsoever
I am building an internal Android application that is intended to run on a secured internal network with no access to the internet.
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Can we suppress the OTA update available notification?
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What happens if someone mimic my packagename?
Hi, I was wondering what would happen if someone makes an app with the same packagename as mine and installs it as an update(with malicious intentions).
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Can't activate Knox licence when minifyEnabled is true
Hi, I can activate the licence successfully when my apps runs in debug mode, but when I generate a signed APK with minifyEnabled true in order to ofuscate the source code the licence can't be activ
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disable factory reset from 15 failed passwords
We would like to diable factory reset. Using allowFactoryReset(false) prevents FR directly from the Settings app, but a user can still force a factory reset by:
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Sample App: java.lang.SecurityException
Hi, When I run the sample app, I get this exception when pressing the "GRANT PERMISSIONS" button and the "TOGGLE CAMERA" button.
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Can I run Remote Control API inside KNOX Workspace?
Hi   I read this:
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How to run unitTests
Hello,   when knoxsdk.jar and supportlib.jar are added to the project like described in the migraiton tutorial, unit tests cannot run
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License not activated when proguard enabled
Hello, If i put minifyEnabled true then Knox Customization license is not activated
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Unable to configure email accounts with email policy
When we push email configurations to the device (using email policy - https://
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Confirm PIN without tapping OK via API?
Hi, Any way we can change "Confirm PIN without tapping OK" checkbox option through Knox SDK API? Thanks, Luka
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How do I purchase a KNOX SDK license for commercial use?
I am using the KNOX SDK with my application and it is being used in a commerical setting. What do I need to do to make sure that I am compliant with using the KNOX SDK in a commerical setting?
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Knox 3.x versions of SmartCardEmailPolicy and SmartCardBrowserPolicy?
Our project is migrating an MDM app that previously utilized the Knox 2.x SDK to one that interfaces directly with the Knox 3.x SDK found in the knoxsdk.jar.
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Samsung Knox SDK Migration Issue
Hi We are getting an exception while calling edm.getApplicationPolicy(); Here's the exception:
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Failed to get instance of EnterpriseDeviceManager
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ActivityManager kills our Pro Kiosk Mode app for chrome update?
Hello,   We're developing an application that should run as a status monitor on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7).
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SecurityException Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR
I've downloaded a sample soruce about knox sdk for android. it makes and error when clicked grant permissions. I've done something wrong when got a ELM key? please help me ASAP
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Knox 3.0 Container Database
Hi there, we have an mdm app that creates a container. Our mdm app on the device side stores some settings in a local SQLite database.
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Samsung Education SDK supports what OS version and devices
Base on Samsung Education SDK version, which OS version and tablets and/or phone support?
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