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How to disable Software update popup message in spite of set [allowFirmwareAutoUpdate , allowOTAUpgrade] methods.
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RerstrictionPolicy.allowFactoryReset doesn't affect "Reset settings" option
I use featureManager.allowFactoryReset in my app. The problem is users still can use "Reset settings" options from Settings>General Management>Reset.
2 0 7 months 2 weeks
How to detect which process has launched an application?
Hi, Is there a way to detect if an application is launched from a launcher, or Edge Swipe menu, or any other process? Thanks in advance Haluk
1 0 7 months 3 weeks
Eliminate all System Notifications / Dialogs
Hi  together, maybe i'm blind, but i need a short help. :-)   How  to eliminate the  system - messages /dialogboxes  via  SDK ?   Reason :
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Is it possible to get app usage with activity names (not only packages like in ApplicationPolicy)?
I'm using Knox on Samsung devices and a whole bunch of fallbacks to implement similar functionality on other Android devices.
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Upgrading WP to KNOX Workspace - java.lang.SecurityException: Profile is not a knox premium user 10 ContectInfo.uid 1010304
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applicationPolicy addHomeShortcut is adding all shortcuts of a package on some devices
Device 1: Note 8, Oreo 8.0 Device 2: Active 2, Oreo 8.1  
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SystemManager.addShortcut() in container?
Is there any way to use this
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Personal Home Activity
We would like to send a User back to the device side from the container.  We had this working on Lollipop, Marshmellow, and Nougat. However, we are running into issues on Oreo devices.
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Through the Knox SDK is there any way to be granted the permission  WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS ?
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Is there souce code available that shows an example on how the DefaultAppConfiguration class is used?  I followed the link below and it refers to source code but I cannot find the the code.
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Lock Device migration
I just migrated my sdk to 3.0 and there is no api to lockdevice. Previously there was an api - 
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Knox Development vs Commercial Licenses - Any security difference?
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Question About Clipboard
I would like to ask about Clipboard function. I am test KnoxSDK. When we activate "allowClipboardShare" it works fine with our app.
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How can I keep my app alive in backouground all the time
any api of knox can help me?
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Firewall deny rule not working on newer versions of Google Chrome
In my company's MDM product we have a functionality to restrict URLs that Google Chrome can access. We use the Firewall class from the KNOX SDK to implement this functionality. Our implement
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Suppressing Device Firmware upate using Knox EnterpriseDeviceManager
Đối với bất kỳ quốc gia nào cũng vậy, việc phát triển kinh tế trên từng vùng miền hay từng địa phương luôn là ưu tiên hàng đầu, bởi lẽ chỉ có như vậy các quốc gia mới có thể phát triển một cách bền
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Device with Doze Mode not receiving FCM
Hi , We are working in a process which uses FCM , but the devices entered into Doze Mode didnt receives and process FCM. Already tried 
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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients
Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.
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Block the possibility to connect to Bluetooth modem
Hi, I want to restrict the possibility to connect to internet using another device as bluetooth modem. How can I do that? And what happens if the user switch to a new user(on a tablet)?
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