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setCellularData disable mobile data
By calling setCellularData I want to block user to enable/disable mobile data. Problem is that after call it, phone disable mobile data (and lock which is correct) instead only lock.
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Permit drawing over other apps
Hello everybody,
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Disable soft reset in samsung devices
Hello, I need to prevent the user from soft-resetting the device (with the hardware button combination) and I cannot find any reference to that, everything I find is preventing factory reset from b
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addHomeShortcut sending SecurityException in KioskMode
3 0 5 months 1 week
I created two License keys, one for Enterprise License Key (Development) and the other for Enterprise License Key (Production).
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Issue with XCover4 android rel 8.1.0
Our application is implemented on top of the Samsung Xcover 4 where android 8.1.0 with Knox 3.2 runs. A PIN code is also set on this.
11 1 5 months 2 weeks
I want to add apps programmatically to UNMONITORED APPS.
"kakao talks" "LINE" "Messenger" "WeChat" application will be added as UNMONITORED APPS at the same time as installation.
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Remote Control for Android P and Earlier
Hi, I'm implementing the new Remote Control for Android P, and it works normally with the new SO library for Android P.
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Legacy SDK update
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Screen swipe
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Screenshot Java Sample
Is there any screenshot java sample using Knox API avaialble for download?
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Can I Connect to VPN without third party apps?
I want to use VPN in all connection through my app.
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Function setUnknownSourcesState(boolean) in Knox SDK 3.1
Hi! I just made the SDK Update from Version 2.9 to 3.1 and I can't find the function setUnknownSourcesState()
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"java.lang.securityException: admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_HW_CONTROL" with KPE License
I modified Knox SDK Sample application source code for executing on android 6(Mashmellow) with KPE development license.
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Detect HOME button long press?
Hi, is it possible in any way to detect when a user holds down the HOME button?
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The product key could not be verified.
I get a KPE Development license key today. But that key could not be verified.
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Are there any camera-blocking APIs that can use face recognition?
My security android application is using KNOX API for blocking the camera and if the camera is blocked, you can't turn off smartphone's screen lock with face recognition.
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Enable/Disable Airplane mode using KPE Development Limited
Hi, I have a Limited Development key and I'm looking at this documentation:
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Need more help on our query related to FM Radio APIs - Please reply..
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EMM Enrolled (AFW) Unable to backup/restore from/to a Samsung Account
Enabling backup service policy has not effect on samsung phones and using samsung account/ samsung cloud to backup and restore data.
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