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DomainFilterRules not working
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removeLockScreen not working on any API levels
removeLockScreen (
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KNOX STANDARD SDK after July 2019
Hi, We have many customers who are using our application that was built upon KNOX STANDARD SDK 5.7
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Knox SDK 3.3 - Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR
Hello!   I'm trying to send my app to the device's white list.  I sucessfully set user as admin and SDKs license.
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White bar when navigation bar is hidden
When applying hideNavigationBar (
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Disable SENSORS with Customization SDK not working
I need to disable all the sensor on the phone and I was hopping to do that with the following code:
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Active knox license failed after my application deploy to Google Play Store
I don't know why , when i download my application from google play store during knox active license i've got failed message , but apk file work well before upload to google play store (installed te
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Turn Off Quick Panel Settings
I am having issue using Galaxy J3 2018 SM_J337U. When settung up Knox up to disable Quick Settings panels, I can still see 2 or more icons (Secure Folder and Dolby Atmos).
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kill other app (google maps)
In my solution, i am sending a message from server to open google maps and navigate to the destination. When done with google maps, i would like to send a command to close it.
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ShortcutItem documentation seems to be incorrect
 shortcutType = CustomDeviceManager.SHORTCUT_FOLDER_TYPE; // Shortcut for Folder  String shortcutFolderName = "CustomFolder";  shortcut_X = 0;  shortcut_Y = 0;
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Any forum category for KNOX Universal Credential Management SDK (UCM)?
There is no section for KNOX UCM SDK.
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Knox ELM Activation Failed. ELM: Caller Package Signature Mismatch : Error code 206
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Not getting Knox activation cancel callback in receiver in Device Owner case.
Hi, We have migrated from Standard SDK to KNOX SDK 3.3(followed proper migration guide) and we observed one issue with specific use-case
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_HW_CONTROL OR
I'm just started with Knox SDK i'm using following  tutorial
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[기기관리자 실행 창에 나타나는 문구 문의]
이번 KPE(Knox Platform for Enterprise) 라이센스 적용으로 스마트폰 기기관리를 위한 앱을 수정하였는데 "디바이스 기기관리자" 실행창에 표시되는 문구가 아래와 같이 유형별로 다르게 나타납니다.
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setQuickPanelItems - secure folder
Hello setQuickPanelItems doesn't hide "secure folder" panel item. I need to hide it. I have try QUICK_PANEL_NONE and it hide all items except "secure folder". Any idea?
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Select Simcard programmatically on Multisim devices
Hello everybody! We are using Pro-Kiosk-Mode on several models and we are wondering how to select the used simcard programmatically for mobile data on dual-sim-devices? 
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Ethernet not supported
I'm trying trying to get my samsung devices to support a Static IP Ethernet connection without rooting them and replacing the stock ROM.
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knox 2.6 ELM: Invalid license and java.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT
I am doing backwards-compatibility according to the official example Samsung-Knox-SDK-v3_0
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Gear 360 SDK
Hello all, I wonder if there is any Gear 360 SDK available for devs ? Does anyone know where I can get it ? Many thanks Mario  
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