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Device with Doze Mode not receiving FCM
Hi , We are working in a process which uses FCM , but the devices entered into Doze Mode didnt receives and process FCM. Already tried 
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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients
Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.
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Suppressing Device Firmware upate using Knox EnterpriseDeviceManager
I have an application which runs on an Android phone.
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Block the possibility to connect to Bluetooth modem
Hi, I want to restrict the possibility to connect to internet using another device as bluetooth modem. How can I do that? And what happens if the user switch to a new user(on a tablet)?
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AppIdentity class is only supported from API level 17 and above (current is 14) using new SDK
Hi, I'm facing a problem trying to migrate KNOX SDK with supportlib. Currently, I'm activating these permissions in my app:
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DateTimePolicy.setNtpInfo has no effect whatsoever
I am building an internal Android application that is intended to run on a secured internal network with no access to the internet.
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Issue with XCover4 android rel 8.1.0
Our application is implemented on top of the Samsung Xcover 4 where android 8.1.0 with Knox 3.2 runs. A PIN code is also set on this.
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Can we suppress the OTA update available notification?
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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.
Hi there,
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What happens if someone mimic my packagename?
Hi, I was wondering what would happen if someone makes an app with the same packagename as mine and installs it as an update(with malicious intentions).
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Can't activate Knox licence when minifyEnabled is true
Hi, I can activate the licence successfully when my apps runs in debug mode, but when I generate a signed APK with minifyEnabled true in order to ofuscate the source code the licence can't be activ
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disable factory reset from 15 failed passwords
We would like to diable factory reset. Using allowFactoryReset(false) prevents FR directly from the Settings app, but a user can still force a factory reset by:
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Any forum category for KNOX Universal Credential Management SDK (UCM)?
There is no section for KNOX UCM SDK.
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Sample App: java.lang.SecurityException
Hi, When I run the sample app, I get this exception when pressing the "GRANT PERMISSIONS" button and the "TOGGLE CAMERA" button.
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Can I run Remote Control API inside KNOX Workspace?
Hi   I read this:
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How to run unitTests
Hello,   when knoxsdk.jar and supportlib.jar are added to the project like described in the migraiton tutorial, unit tests cannot run
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License not activated when proguard enabled
Hello, If i put minifyEnabled true then Knox Customization license is not activated
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Unable to configure email accounts with email policy
When we push email configurations to the device (using email policy - https://
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Confirm PIN without tapping OK via API?
Hi, Any way we can change "Confirm PIN without tapping OK" checkbox option through Knox SDK API? Thanks, Luka
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How do I purchase a KNOX SDK license for commercial use?
I am using the KNOX SDK with my application and it is being used in a commerical setting. What do I need to do to make sure that I am compliant with using the KNOX SDK in a commerical setting?
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