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packageManager.hasSystemFeature("") returns true on non-Knox device
Some non-Knox devices require Knox activation on Android Enterprise, Device Owner mode.
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Can I use knox sdk for wearable when creating a glaxy watch app with visual studio .net?
I am creating a glaxy watch app with visual stuio .net and I want to use knox sdk for wearable. Can I use this?
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How to set MVNO values in ApnSettings on devices running Android 9 with KNOX API level 28?
I tried to follow the Java sample code on
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XCover 4 Android 9. Xcover-button to trigger action
Hi The XCover button on XCover 4 seem to be improved since the Android 9 update. Now it is possible to launch an app using the XCover button button from the lock screen.
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Complicity error after adding Knox 3.4 support
The mew SDK doesn't have version 3_4
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removeLockScreen() on Android 9 devices
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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.
Hi there,
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Disable Lock Screen: Is it possible?
Hello, Is there a way, using an SDK, to remove the lock screen?
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The various allowXXX functions are returning false
The device is DeviceAdministrator and the license is activated but things like: `.allowAirplaneMode(false)`
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Sdk 64 bits version
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Messages app notifcation missing in Kiosk mode
Hi When I use my Kiosk launcher app and activate this on my Samsung device all seems to work fine. Background picture, buttons, apps and their position on screen.
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Question: how to get started with Knox SDK to perform operations on apps?
I've found some apps that use Knox SDK to perform operations on apps:
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how to inject korean (unicode) key events ?
Hello, I have a question about the injectKeyEvent API. How can I enter Korean characters on the device?  
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Alternatives to keep GPS always on
Hello there,
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setSensorDisabled - Deprecated
Hi, setSensorDisabled() has been deprecate in API 27.
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Failed to validate the product key error
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Differences between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace ?
Hello, It is not very clear to me what the differences are between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace.
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The method powerOff not working
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Exception while migrating to Knox SDK
Hi We've migrated to Knox SDK, but we're getting an exception on the createApnSettings (ApnSettings apn) method. Here's the exception:
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Reboot Device
I am trying to enable my application to auto reboot the device. I am using the Knox standard sdk with the following code:
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