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how to inject korean (unicode) key events ?
Hello, I have a question about the injectKeyEvent API. How can I enter Korean characters on the device?  
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Alternatives to keep GPS always on
Hello there,
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setSensorDisabled - Deprecated
Hi, setSensorDisabled() has been deprecate in API 27.
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Failed to validate the product key error
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Differences between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace ?
Hello, It is not very clear to me what the differences are between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace.
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The method powerOff not working
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Exception while migrating to Knox SDK
Hi We've migrated to Knox SDK, but we're getting an exception on the createApnSettings (ApnSettings apn) method. Here's the exception:
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Reboot Device
I am trying to enable my application to auto reboot the device. I am using the Knox standard sdk with the following code:
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DomainFilterRules not working
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removeLockScreen not working on any API levels
removeLockScreen (
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KNOX STANDARD SDK after July 2019
Hi, We have many customers who are using our application that was built upon KNOX STANDARD SDK 5.7
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Knox SDK 3.3 - Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR
Hello!   I'm trying to send my app to the device's white list.  I sucessfully set user as admin and SDKs license.
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White bar when navigation bar is hidden
When applying hideNavigationBar (
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Disable SENSORS with Customization SDK not working
I need to disable all the sensor on the phone and I was hopping to do that with the following code:
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Active knox license failed after my application deploy to Google Play Store
I don't know why , when i download my application from google play store during knox active license i've got failed message , but apk file work well before upload to google play store (installed te
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Turn Off Quick Panel Settings
I am having issue using Galaxy J3 2018 SM_J337U. When settung up Knox up to disable Quick Settings panels, I can still see 2 or more icons (Secure Folder and Dolby Atmos).
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kill other app (google maps)
In my solution, i am sending a message from server to open google maps and navigate to the destination. When done with google maps, i would like to send a command to close it.
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ShortcutItem documentation seems to be incorrect
 shortcutType = CustomDeviceManager.SHORTCUT_FOLDER_TYPE; // Shortcut for Folder  String shortcutFolderName = "CustomFolder";  shortcut_X = 0;  shortcut_Y = 0;
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Any forum category for KNOX Universal Credential Management SDK (UCM)?
There is no section for KNOX UCM SDK.
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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.
Hi there,
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