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reset password on knox api 26
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Knox 2.x -> 3.0 Container Password
Hi there, we have an mdm app that creates a container. Part of the process in creating the container is to set a password and various password restrictions on the container.
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Knox 3.0 Container - Is SDP automatically enabled, and is there a password reset ?
Knox 2.0 used to have an API that let you create a container, and assign a params structure to it with a password reset token.
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Confirm PIN without tapping OK via API?
Hi, Any way we can change "Confirm PIN without tapping OK" checkbox option through Knox SDK API? Thanks, Luka
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Container - setMaximumFailedPasswordsForWipe / setMaximumFailedPasswordsForDeviceDisable
Hi fellow developers, I'm investigating a bug of one of our customers, and stumbled across the following problem.
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resetPassword() API
I ran resetPassword sample from following link :
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KNOX SDK - Is resetPassword Still Available?
Hello, When using the legacy KNOX Standard SDK, I was able to essentially clear the device's password by calling resetPassword as shown below
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Install Certificate return false
where to get the private key? X509Certificate certC = null; try {
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Determine if Knox Container keyguard is locked
So for android I can detect if the device keyguard is locked via
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Information on Samsung encryption for DAR
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Authorization in SDP
Hello out there!  Not a lot of activity in this board, so I can't tell how closely it's monitored.  But...
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How do I use the SDK to enable device wipe after a number of incorrect password entries?
For KNOX Standard SDK 4.0+
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How does an app set the container password quality?
Using the KNOX Premium SDK
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How do I use the SDK to control the numeric password quality?
For KNOX Standard SDK 5.0+
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How do I check if a swipe passcode meets the passcode compliance policy?
For KNOX Standard SDK 2.0+
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What is the scope of setPasswordVisibilityEnabled() API method?
From the KNOX Premium SDK
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