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How do I check how many devices use my sdk license ?
Hello I have a KPE Development license. and I want managing activated devices using my license. But I can't find any of manage tool in this site.
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Determine Device Knox License Usage by Serial Number
Is there a way to obtain a list of devices (by serial number) that are currently utilizing a KNOX license?
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Differences between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace ?
Hello, It is not very clear to me what the differences are between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace.
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ELM license, Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT
Testing device: Galaxy s8+ with Android 9. Knox license: commercial ELM license.  
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Issue activating Enterprise License after migrating to KNOX 3.2
I am having an issue activating my enterprise license after moving from Knox 2.8 to 3.2.   On my Note 8 (8.1.0 & Knox 3.1),  I call 
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How to use Samsung license?
I got 3 Samsung license keys. 1. KPE Development Limited Development 2. Backwards compatible key Commercial 3. Attestation REST API Key REST API
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Provided KPE Development key does not register
Samsung provided us with a KPE development key. When attempting to register the provided key, issued via e-mail, the web site respondes with "Please enter a valid license key.".
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How to get Standard commercial key ?
How can a partner customer get Standard commercial key? I can not see.  
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Linux on Dex license questions
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How to activate KPE Development license?
Hi, recently we became a SEAP partners and now I'm trying to activate a KPE Development license.(Status: Active in Licence Key Summary) I want to use features from:
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Commercial license problem
Hello Our company buy 20 liceses of "Knox Platform for Enterprise: PO, 1-Month, WW, Support Type-3 (L1+L2+L3 by Samsung)" but they not appear on our account. What we should do?
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How to count the seats used in a KPE licence
Hi, We have been looking for an answer in the documention but we did not find it (sorry).
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Problem with generating EDU ELM key
I can not generate a key (I use this link it says I need to have a partner accou
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Yet another "failed to validate product key" question for KPE app
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ELM Key.
I can't find the link to get a new ELM key, mine expired. anyone know where to go to get it?
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License Activation Failed Error code: 206 from Project Module
I have created my license and associated my application package successfully.  When I try to activate my license from my application I get the Error code 206 which means signature mismatch seen
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Failed to validate the product key. (Error Unknown)
Hello. I've stuck in my license activating. 1. Standard key (Commercial) has generated key in SEAP. 2. And KnoxLicense codes added in my application.
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Trial key error
Hi, I have generated a 30-day KLM09 key, but on activation (Knox SDK) I get an error 208.
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View and associate ELM key with application
Hello this is Doug Marks from SAP, we're an a SEAP partner with Samsung. Is it still possible to log into the SEAP portal to view and associate out ELM key ?
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Failed to activate
Hi. I have a KPE standard commercial key.
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