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Can not generate elm key
I revoke kpe key but still can not generate new elm key.
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NullPointer in Samsung SDK while activating ELM license key
Dear Partners,  
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702 error on license receiver
I  have a KPE development license and expire date is 3/17/2019. In these days, I can't activate license with error "IKLM: Error code unknown 702, status fail"
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New Knox SDK package names on locked down phones, will existing SDK work beyond July?
Our devices (Note 4's, S5's and S5 Neo's) have been in the field for three years now and are locked down so will not have had any software updates applied.
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KPE Development Limited Key
Why in the World was The kpe development limited key created why can't we use our $1,000+ phone to its full extent as we can't even pay to get the actual kpe development key  
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Yet another "failed to validate product key" question for KPE app
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ELM Activation failed with error code 206 (Knox sdk 3 +)
Hello guys we have application based on knox sdk. Everything was build long time ago and minimal version as i remembering its was 2.4.1
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License keys
how to deactivate keys i never used so i am not charged money?
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Remote Management of Galaxy Watch - where to start?
Startup developing an internal-only Galaxy Watch web app.  I just want a simple way to remotely update the one private app to our growing collection of watches (3 now, aiming for 10 soon, 100s late
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Upgrading WP to KNOX Workspace - java.lang.SecurityException: Profile is not a knox premium user 10 ContectInfo.uid 1010304
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Revoke Development License
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Key Activation issue
Hi There,
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Error generating KPE key
I'm trying to generate a KPE key but I keep receiving an error message after accepting the terms.
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Creating KPE key fails
When creating a KNOX PLATFORM FOR ENTERPRISE (KPE) KEY, it will always fail with a message 'Error in generating license key.'
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Error: Creating KPE key fails
When creating a KNOX PLATFORM FOR ENTERPRISE (KPE) KEY, it will always fail with a message saying 'Error in generating license key.'.
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klm03 key
Site now gives klm03 key and they do not work. Please help :)
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Not getting option to revoke the key and also not able to associate the package
I have created a KPE Development licenece key.
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What is the KPE Premium SKU to order?
Good day. Our suppliers have been unable to find the correct part number for the KPE Premium and keep providing us quotes with old or wrong license types.
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Knox Development vs Commercial Licenses - Any security difference?
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Receiver to check backwardCompatiblekey is activated
Hello, Is there any way to check if the backward compatible key is activated?? And please specify for what purpose backward compatible key is used for?
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