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removeLockScreen() on Android 9 devices
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Knox and NFC Device Owner Provisioning
Firstly, apologies if this is an inappropriate place for this question but I am struggling to find any relevant resources anywhere else.
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settingsManager.setSystemLocale() resets proKioskManager.setStatusBarIconsState() to true or visible
We have a question on the behavior of Knox running on Samsung J3 V 2018 using Knox 3.1 SDK.   After calling 
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Messages app notifcation missing in Kiosk mode
Hi When I use my Kiosk launcher app and activate this on my Samsung device all seems to work fine. Background picture, buttons, apps and their position on screen.
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"Always on" support on Tizen wearables?
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Preserve images while installing knox configure
While Configuring Device wit Samsung knox the gallery images are being deleted in the process .
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Select Simcard programmatically on Multisim devices
Hello everybody! We are using Pro-Kiosk-Mode on several models and we are wondering how to select the used simcard programmatically for mobile data on dual-sim-devices? 
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Error when using Sample ProKiosk Mode
I'm trying to use the KNOX Customization SDK with Sample app ProKiosk Mode.
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allowTaskManager Is not working ?
Function Name - public boolean allowTaskManager (boolean allow)
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Screen swipe
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Privacy policy is shown twice on Samsung Galaxy J1 with OS 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1
Hi, We are currently trying to integrate with KNOX sdk version 3.1 and we are seeing the following issue on Samsung Galaxy J1 device with Android version 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1.
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How to detect which process has launched an application?
Hi, Is there a way to detect if an application is launched from a launcher, or Edge Swipe menu, or any other process? Thanks in advance Haluk
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How to autorestart application after crash in KioskMode?
Hello there,
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License Activation ;Failed Error code -206
What is the error code 206 ( EnterpriseLicenseManager.ACTION_LICENSE_STATUS ). Where can I get full list error code ?
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Key Activation issue
Hi There,
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Not getting option to revoke the key and also not able to associate the package
I have created a KPE Development licenece key.
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Enabling and Pairing Bluetooth while in ProKiosk mode
I can use some help trying to get Bluetooth pairing to work while in ProKiosk mode.
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How to prevent to launch Other Home Launcher?
We developed Launcher application for kiosk app   How can I prevent to launch other Home Launcher using samsung knox?
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Activate KLM License through Samsung Configure?
Is there a way for when we deploy our app through Samsung Knox Configure to also activate a KLM license at the same time?
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How to allow WiFi setting changes in ProKiosk mode?
I'm struggeling with my profile in Knox custom configurator: I want to allow changing WiFi settings of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T813 while staying in ProKiosk mode.
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