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Multiple Knox apps on device
We have two Knox apps that require backwards support. When we try to install the second app we get an error that prevents the install because a duplicate permission declared for :
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How to - implement ftp- or openssh-server on a Samsung Gear?
Hello, I am not really a Titizen/Knox developer - but maybe "in spe" ;-)
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installApplication not working
I'm testing silent app install, here's what I'm doing, based on oficial documentation:
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URGENT ISSUES configuring Galaxy Watch with Knox Configure
1. There is a either a severe bug with Knox Configure trying to deploy applications to Galaxy Watch or the documentation is terrible, one or the other. 
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Remote Management of Galaxy Watch - where to start?
Startup developing an internal-only Galaxy Watch web app.  I just want a simple way to remotely update the one private app to our growing collection of watches (3 now, aiming for 10 soon, 100s late
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Knox License Activation on Note 10.1 (GT-N8010 - Android
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Knox 3.0 Requirements
Hi there, what are the requirements for using the Knox SDK 3.0 in terms of Android versions and devices?
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Step or process to add my application in unmoniter list.
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Want to add my app to unmonitor list
Hello sir, I want to add my app in unmoniter list after installation, Just because I want to develop the app which updates their location on some interval on the server.  
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I want to add apps programmatically to UNMONITORED APPS.
"kakao talks" "LINE" "Messenger" "WeChat" application will be added as UNMONITORED APPS at the same time as installation.
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API "installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)" will not work in Android Nougat
We use the API - installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard) to install apk's which are downloaded to
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APK file not able install from local storage
We are facing below issue in installing the sample app with Samsung KNOX standard SDK feature:
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Unable to move non-system app to KNOX Container
Hello Team,   I'm trying to move a non-system app (Admin App) to KNOX Container. 
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CCMProfileParams: Exception calledjava.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have com.sec.enterprise.knox.permission.KNOX_CCM
I downloaded the CCM Certificate Management sample app.  I have completed the following: 1. Successfully generated ELK and ELM for the APK
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java.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have KNOX_CUSTOM_SYSTEM or CUSTOM_SYSTEM
I'm running into an issue when I call KnoxCustomManager.setToastEnabledState() after the KLM and ELM licenses have been activated.
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App downgrade not working in Nougat using installApplication(String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)
Using installApplication(String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard), we are not able to downgrade apps in Android Nougat.
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Set App as Device Admin through another Knox Activated App
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License Activation Error
I have an Android app with which I would like to leverage the API's for hiding the status bar, navigation bar, and the system bar.
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Knox SDK integration on Android
I'm looking for documentation on how to integrate the Knox Standard SDK into an Android project.
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Remove license
***** all,   we have SDK customization license. When I uninstall app in device and check License status, is still visible as used.
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