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Remote Management of Galaxy Watch - where to start?
Startup developing an internal-only Galaxy Watch web app.  I just want a simple way to remotely update the one private app to our growing collection of watches (3 now, aiming for 10 soon, 100s late
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Knox License Activation on Note 10.1 (GT-N8010 - Android
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Knox 3.0 Requirements
Hi there, what are the requirements for using the Knox SDK 3.0 in terms of Android versions and devices?
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Step or process to add my application in unmoniter list.
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Want to add my app to unmonitor list
Hello sir, I want to add my app in unmoniter list after installation, Just because I want to develop the app which updates their location on some interval on the server.  
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I want to add apps programmatically to UNMONITORED APPS.
"kakao talks" "LINE" "Messenger" "WeChat" application will be added as UNMONITORED APPS at the same time as installation.
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API "installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)" will not work in Android Nougat
We use the API - installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard) to install apk's which are downloaded to
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APK file not able install from local storage
We are facing below issue in installing the sample app with Samsung KNOX standard SDK feature:
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Unable to move non-system app to KNOX Container
Hello Team,   I'm trying to move a non-system app (Admin App) to KNOX Container. 
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CCMProfileParams: Exception calledjava.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have com.sec.enterprise.knox.permission.KNOX_CCM
I downloaded the CCM Certificate Management sample app.  I have completed the following: 1. Successfully generated ELK and ELM for the APK
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java.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have KNOX_CUSTOM_SYSTEM or CUSTOM_SYSTEM
I'm running into an issue when I call KnoxCustomManager.setToastEnabledState() after the KLM and ELM licenses have been activated.
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App downgrade not working in Nougat using installApplication(String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)
Using installApplication(String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard), we are not able to downgrade apps in Android Nougat.
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Set App as Device Admin through another Knox Activated App
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License Activation Error
I have an Android app with which I would like to leverage the API's for hiding the status bar, navigation bar, and the system bar.
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Knox SDK integration on Android
I'm looking for documentation on how to integrate the Knox Standard SDK into an Android project.
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Remove license
***** all,   we have SDK customization license. When I uninstall app in device and check License status, is still visible as used.
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Knox Mobile Enrollment - Supported Partner?
Hi, we are an MDM vendor and we want to provide bulk enrollment of devices to our customers.
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Knox Deploy
Could mind you build me Wearable sdk for install apk on gear s3 with api?? Or just help me easyist way to deploy Samsung Gear S3?? Please.....
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Error installing SDK Error:(15) No resource identifier found for attribute 'roundIcon' in package 'android'
Tried serveral times to follow the instructions and add the SDK to my project which keep failing so I created a brand new project and in gradle I set 
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Package manager does not connect to network
I'm having trouble downloading packages. Package manager will not connect to network. I have tried with different respository url, but it does not help. Can anybody help me?  
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