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Which features are available through KNOX Customization?
I am deciding if Customization is a good fit for my enterprise.
1 0 3 years 3 weeks
How much does it cost to join the MDM Partner Program and what do I get?
Are there separate free and paid versions?
1 0 3 years 3 weeks
How is the KNOX Customization SDK related to the KNOX Standard SDK?
Do the two work together?
2 0 3 years 4 weeks
Can I use Cloud SDK and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) at the same time?
Which policy set takes precedence?
1 0 3 years 1 month
Is there any API to check whether device is KNOX supported or not?
I have an KNOX enabled application. Now, I want that if application is running on KNOX supported devices then app should go for activation of licenses and creation of kiosk mode.
4 0 3 years 2 months
If I disable a feature on a device using the KNOX Standard SDK, does it affect the KNOX Customization SDK?
Does the Standard SDK override the Customization SDK?
1 0 3 years 4 months
I have a large number of Customization devices. Do I have to connect them individually to the KLAT-tool to activate them?
I would like to save as much time as possible.
1 0 3 years 4 months
Will you maintain or add new features to these plugins?
Should I keep checking back for updates?
1 0 3 years 5 months
Do you have a Cordova plugin for the enterprise SDKs like KNOX Standard?
Or KNOX Premium?
1 0 3 years 5 months
Why don't you share the plugins in an open source code repository?
Are there plans to share the plugins in the future?
1 0 3 years 5 months
Can we ask Samsung to develop additional Cordova plugins for other Samsung SDKs?
Is there a place where I can submit requests?
1 0 3 years 5 months
MDM Integration with Knox
Dear Kieran McCormick ,
3 0 3 years 5 months
What is BaseAgent?
BaseAgent is an abstract class which holds all of the basic details required by an agent. The BaseAgent has its own lifecycle and all custom agents extend it.
0 0 3 years 7 months
I'm trying to install the Standard SDK and I got an API-related error. How do I fix this?
I'm using Eclipse.
1 0 3 years 7 months
Which devices support KNOX Customization?
Is KNOX Customization supported by all devices?
1 1 3 years 8 months
What is a deprecated KNOX API?
For KNOX Standard or Premium SDK
1 1 3 years 8 months
What is a custom agent?
Is this the same as BaseAgent?
1 2 3 years 8 months
What do I need before I can activate the Samsung Education SDK license?
Looking for license key requirements and other things that I may need.
1 3 3 years 8 months
What are some benefits of using the Samsung Education SDK?
As opposed to writing my own custom code
1 2 3 years 8 months
Is there a minimum purchase amount for the KNOX Customization SDK?
Could I purchase a few licenses first to determine if this is a good solution for my enterprise?
1 3 3 years 8 months