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Can I Connect to VPN without third party apps?
I want to use VPN in all connection through my app.
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NoClassDefFoundError: class is only supported from API level 17 and above (current is 11)
Hi, I'm facing a problem trying to migrate KNOX SDK with supportlib.jar I am trying to grant runtime permissions to package on older samsung device with knox version 2.0
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Unity + Knox
Hello all. Is there any way, how to transform an application made with Unity 3D to run under Knox?
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What is the best approach for my project ?
Hi, I'm looking for a specific kiosk mode for our application developed by ourselves and I would like to choose the best solutions -We have an Android tablet park
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How to - implement ftp- or openssh-server on a Samsung Gear?
Hello, I am not really a Titizen/Knox developer - but maybe "in spe" ;-)
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Sample App: java.lang.SecurityException
Hi, When I run the sample app, I get this exception when pressing the "GRANT PERMISSIONS" button and the "TOGGLE CAMERA" button.
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Knox License Activation on Note 10.1 (GT-N8010 - Android
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How can I check SDK version on the device?
Hi I'd like to see whih version of KNOX SDK is supported on my device while testing apps on my device. is there any way to look it up on the device?  
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Knox 3.0 Requirements
Hi there, what are the requirements for using the Knox SDK 3.0 in terms of Android versions and devices?
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I'm looking through the Knox SDK sample, and a comment on the ActivateLicense() method says:
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Knox Cloud SDK - fetch profiles and send push-notification
I am trying to implement Samsung KNOX cloud SDK into our MDM solution.
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What sdk(s) and functions should I use for this use case?
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Set App as Device Admin through another Knox Activated App
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License Activation Error
I have an Android app with which I would like to leverage the API's for hiding the status bar, navigation bar, and the system bar.
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Knox SDK integration on Android
I'm looking for documentation on how to integrate the Knox Standard SDK into an Android project.
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Remove license
***** all,   we have SDK customization license. When I uninstall app in device and check License status, is still visible as used.
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EnterpriseLicenseManager class not found
Hi all, I downloaded KNOX Customization, but have found that there are no packages 
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Cannot launch app with KNOX Customization
I downloaded one project and discovered that it's using KNOX Customization.
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Auto License Activation
Hi, I would like to ask is there any way to automatically activate the license key during the apps startup?
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KNOX MDM for Gear
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