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Activate KLM License through Samsung Configure?
Is there a way for when we deploy our app through Samsung Knox Configure to also activate a KLM license at the same time?
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Tab E 9.6
Hello  i want generate kiosk on galaxy tab E 9.6, can you help me please?
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Tab E 9.6
Hello  i want generate kiosk on galaxy tab E 9.6, can you help me please?
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Issue with XCover4 android rel 8.1.0
Our application is implemented on top of the Samsung Xcover 4 where android 8.1.0 with Knox 3.2 runs. A PIN code is also set on this.
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LTE Band Selection
I see in the SDK where the preferred network can bet set with the .setMobileNetworkType(...) method, but is there a way to then set a particular band or set of bands for the device.  For example, I
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Remote Management of Galaxy Watch - where to start?
Startup developing an internal-only Galaxy Watch web app.  I just want a simple way to remotely update the one private app to our growing collection of watches (3 now, aiming for 10 soon, 100s late
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linux on samsung galaxy note 9
How far away is the sdk or installation binaryfor this?
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Can I run Remote Control API inside KNOX Workspace?
Hi   I read this:
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How to clear Recent Used App From Recent App drawer In device?
Clear Recent Task
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not able to get EnterpriseDeviceManager instance
Hi, I am trying following code:  (after activating ELM license)
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SDP Engine Error
I followed the steps described at the site
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is it possible use Knox SDK 3.0 on old devices ?
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How many devices can a test KEY be used on?
Hi, I applied for a test KEY as an individual. How many devices can this KEY work on? Thanks, Jaydon  
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Privacy policy is shown twice on Samsung Galaxy J1 with OS 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1
Hi, We are currently trying to integrate with KNOX sdk version 3.1 and we are seeing the following issue on Samsung Galaxy J1 device with Android version 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1.
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Knox 3.0 Requirements
Hi there, what are the requirements for using the Knox SDK 3.0 in terms of Android versions and devices?
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Samsung KNOX 2.7
Greetings Everybody, I wanted to ask which Samsung smartphone devices currently have a built-in KNOX 2.7? Thanks!
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Step or process to add my application in unmoniter list.
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Want to add my app to unmonitor list
Hello sir, I want to add my app in unmoniter list after installation, Just because I want to develop the app which updates their location on some interval on the server.  
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APN OR
Dear team, I tried this app on android version marsmallow and lollipop is not getting this issue, but when running on Nouget this about permission
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screen timeout android does not work
When i am lock my mobile screen then some movement screen light blink again and again
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