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LocationPolicy startGPS() differs in Android 6 and 7
Hi, I am using LocationPolicy.startGPS(true) in Android 6.0.1 and in Android 7.1.1.  However, I am getting 'true' for Android 6 and 'false' for Android 7. Why is this different?
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.ENTERPRISE_DEVICE_ADMIN OR
I got this error : 
3 0 1 year 7 months
Secure Folder Not working
Clients using our app are getting errors when they try to setup secure folder.
8 3 1 year 8 months
Problems with KioskMode.getInstance(context).disableKioskMode()
Hi, I'm using the standard Knox SDK. My issues are about disableKioskMode():
9 2 1 year 9 months
block specific URL access
Dear,   we are trying to implement URL blocking functionality. To accomplish this we saw two function:  
3 0 1 year 9 months
MDM_Firewall permission from secondary Knox app
I'm having difficulty getting the following permission within my Knox enabled application: android.permission.sec.MDM_FIREWALL. Here's the scenario that I'm attempting to do:
1 2 1 year 11 months
KNOX Premium SDK container issue error code -1013
Hi, I am using KNOX Premium SDK and using Developer's license key (ELM and KLM). I have created the license for the first time on this account for the particular package.
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My Topic was (accidently ?!) removed.
Hello, few days ago i started a new  topic about a problem activation ELM in a sample app. I also got an answer from a samsung rep.
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Problem with KNOX_REMOTE_CONTROL and MDM_REMOTE_CONTROL permissions with Android 7.0
Hello, I have an issue with two permissions when trying to use RemoteInjection with a device on Android 7.0. These permissions are the following ones :
7 3 1 year 12 months
Can not run sample app
2 1 2 years 1 week
Knox Enrollment and License keys
1 4 2 years 1 month
Remote Injection : injectKeyEvent not working properly
0 0 2 years 2 months
Encountering Error adding public keys for Knox Enabled App: "Error binding KEA license key and package"
I'm trying to get a feel for the workflow of developing a Knox Enabled App.
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Getting "java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial:.." android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL or android.permission
Hi Team,
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Bluetooth not working in app inside Knox container
7 1 2 years 5 months
Revoke Internet permission bricks Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) on Android 7.0
One of our customers uses our MDM to revoke Internet permission from other apps. This is done using the "ApplicationPermissionControlPolicy":
2 2 2 years 6 months
Cannot deploy/debug to Knox Workspace
Device: Samsung S7 Knox: 2.6 Android: 6.0.1
0 0 2 years 6 months
License Activation Failed
Hello, I am exploring use of Knox for our needs and am having trouble getting the developer license to activate in the sample app provided that should toggle camera functionality. 
1 3 2 years 6 months
APN Not active on Device when pushed on Policy.
Hi, We have created a policy on EMM for a SM-J120F and although the device recives the APN config it does not become active.  
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Communicate between 2 apps on a device
Hi, I am developing two apps:
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