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Is Knox SDK compatible with other Android brands
Hi, just want to make sure if the Knox SDK is also applicable to other Android brands such as HUAWEI and Sony.
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cannot compile if add both knoxsdk.jar and supportlib.jar in the sample app
7 2 1 month 3 weeks
Admin does not have android.permission.sec.ENTERPRISE_DEVICE_ADMIN OR
I got this error : 
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FLAG_DISMISS_KEYGUARD not working in workspace in Android 8
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App Stuck at Splash Screen
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NFC stops scanning on Samsung devices
I'm developping an app for Samsung devices with an activity that has to handle a NFC tag.. This activity is called when the app is launched and on resume.
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CCM is NOT enabled for this user
While perusing some captured logcat snippets, I see repeated instances of the following: 01-20 21:55:00.909 I/TimaKeyStore( 5664): CCM is NOT enabled for this user
1 0 6 months 2 weeks
Sample App: java.lang.SecurityException
Hi, When I run the sample app, I get this exception when pressing the "GRANT PERMISSIONS" button and the "TOGGLE CAMERA" button.
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Knox SDK 3.0 & 3.1 documentation for addUsbDevicesForDefaultAccess () is not correct
The addUsbDevicesForDefaultAccess () is not described correctly in the Knox SDK-v3.1 or SDK-v3.0 documentation. Can we get access to the correct description of the function?
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ActivityManager kills our Pro Kiosk Mode app for chrome update?
Hello,   We're developing an application that should run as a status monitor on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7).
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Knox Custom ELM Activation fails
Using the device Samsung SM-T705C, ELM is always unsuccessful in activation, but KLM can be activated successfully.
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Apps Button deleteHomeShortcut issue
1 0 1 year 2 weeks
Issue with activating existing licenses
As part of the test process for production provisioning our devices, we use a dedicated quantity of devices (Note 4 and Tab S 8.4 currently) that are run thru the process repeatedly.  After each at
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SecurityException for permission
In KnoxCustomManager having issue with the  java.lang.SecurityException: Admin  does not have com.sec.enterprise.knox.permission.CUSTOM_SETTING  
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App crashes in Kiosk mode. UncaughtExceptionHandler not called.
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Is the Firewall api broken?
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Hi, I got this crash:
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Certificate install and get issue
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When will be the 1st device having the Knox SDK released?
Hi, I want to test the Knox SDK cross all the knox versions. So far I cannot find any schedule about it? Do we know the time around? Thanks! Kenny,
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AndroidRuntime: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No virtual method addPackagesToCertificateWhiteList
Hi, As the "Migration Guide" says the old class: has been changed to
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