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addHomeShortcutToPersonal return false
Hi All,   While trying to use addHomeShortcutToPersonal from within the container (tried also from outside the container) I receive false as response.
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Yet another "failed to validate product key" question for KPE app
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getConfigurationTypes() is returning null (error -1014)
Hi, I'm getting starter with knox sdk and I got an error when runing the sample app Knox Container.
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Read NFC in Knox Container Problem.
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Where is my Launcher?
Hi All, Is there a way to change the 3.X WS to as the old Launcher? Where there were 2 separate environment.
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Launch container from 3rd party launcher
We use a third party launcher. Up until android 9, the container was like an app that could be launched by another launcher.
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Knox 2.x -> 3.0 Container Password
Hi there, we have an mdm app that creates a container. Part of the process in creating the container is to set a password and various password restrictions on the container.
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Upgrading WP to KNOX Workspace - java.lang.SecurityException: Profile is not a knox premium user 10 ContectInfo.uid 1010304
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Knox 3.0 Container - Is SDP automatically enabled, and is there a password reset ?
Knox 2.0 used to have an API that let you create a container, and assign a params structure to it with a password reset token.
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Any way to disable "Workspace Settings" inside Knox?
When knox-b2b container is created, user is able to access Workspace settings. Any way to disable it? Or at least make all settings read only?
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Can I run Remote Control API inside KNOX Workspace?
Hi   I read this:
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Knox 3.x versions of SmartCardEmailPolicy and SmartCardBrowserPolicy?
Our project is migrating an MDM app that previously utilized the Knox 2.x SDK to one that interfaces directly with the Knox 3.x SDK found in the knoxsdk.jar.
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Knox 3.0 Container Database
Hi there, we have an mdm app that creates a container. Our mdm app on the device side stores some settings in a local SQLite database.
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How to get notification for Background Camera/Microphone/Location access using APM Policy
I have used setAPMStatus() API in App Permission Mon
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possibility of container creation
Hello, I am working on developing software for Android Knox Containers using SEAP API.
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Container - setMaximumFailedPasswordsForWipe / setMaximumFailedPasswordsForDeviceDisable
Hi fellow developers, I'm investigating a bug of one of our customers, and stumbled across the following problem.
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installation problem with the AplicationPolicy.installApplication ( )
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App Crashing when it is moved into the Container
Maybe I dont understand how the container works. But I installed the basic Knox application found in the Google Play Store.
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Unable to move non-system app to KNOX Container
Hello Team,   I'm trying to move a non-system app (Admin App) to KNOX Container. 
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