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Knox API class PhoneRestrictionPolicy sim card retries left
We've been using the class PhoneRestrictionPolicy and some of its methods like setUnlockSimOnBootState, disableSimPinLock, enableSimPinLock, etc.
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Privacy policy is shown twice on Samsung Galaxy J1 with OS 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1
Hi, We are currently trying to integrate with KNOX sdk version 3.1 and we are seeing the following issue on Samsung Galaxy J1 device with Android version 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1.
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Build fails when both supportlib and knoxsdk jars are used in the project as part of Knox migration
Hi, I am following the migration guide shared by Samsung for backwards compatibility and I see that I always get this error:
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Permit drawing over other apps
Hello everybody,
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Yet another "failed to validate product key" question for KPE app
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Knox stub API
Hi, I read in the documentation that i need to add the stubApi to my app in order to add it in the KC i am trying to use knox configure for wearables what is the stubApi?
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Enabling app to be installed on a watch
Hi, I have been trying to install an app on a watch using the knox configure but cant do that.
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How to activate license without showing the "Samsung KNOX Privacy Notice" confirmation window when in VMware Launcher
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Knox Configuration ForceAutoStartUpState
Hi   I see there are some changes going on to the SDK and moving to the cloud. will i still be able to use the ForceAutoStartUpState in the Knox Customization SDK?
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URGENT ISSUES configuring Galaxy Watch with Knox Configure
1. There is a either a severe bug with Knox Configure trying to deploy applications to Galaxy Watch or the documentation is terrible, one or the other. 
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Configure Galaxy watch
Hi,  I am trying to configure a samaung galay watch and install an app on the watch using the knox configure. i cant find any documentation how to do that.
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User (Restricted profile)
I am trying to figure out how to prevent the user from appling a lock screen on the device.  I have disabled the Lock screen and Security settings, and I have disabled Multiuser support.  However,
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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients
Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.
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Any way to disable "Workspace Settings" inside Knox?
When knox-b2b container is created, user is able to access Workspace settings. Any way to disable it? Or at least make all settings read only?
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My application seems to be blacklisted
We are using a SM-T280 tablet as a control device for equipment we manufacture.  We utilize Knox to help lock down the device so the end user only sees our application.  It is necessary for us to b
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How to allow WiFi setting changes in ProKiosk mode?
I'm struggeling with my profile in Knox custom configurator: I want to allow changing WiFi settings of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T813 while staying in ProKiosk mode.
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Presidential Alerts
Hi   I need to disable all sounds and viberating. Is there a way to disable alerts from beeping and viberating even presidential alerts?
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What package displays "Check battery cover" on Tab Active 2
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SDP Engine Error
I followed the steps described at the site
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Can Knox disable the Long-press on the Home Button?
On the Android device, whenever you long-press the Home button, it brings up what appears to be a Google search page or something. 
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