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SdpException License required
Hi, I registered for a KPE developement license key.  I am trying to use SdpFileSystem but the app throws a SdpException with the message License Required.
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removeLockScreen not working on any API levels
removeLockScreen (
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White bar when navigation bar is hidden
When applying hideNavigationBar (
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disable Hard reset , download mode
Dear. i disabled hardware key : volume up, down soft key, power button  when i press both button : 
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR
I got this exception Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR even if I have added those permissions in my AndroidManifest.xml fi
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Active knox license failed after my application deploy to Google Play Store
I don't know why , when i download my application from google play store during knox active license i've got failed message , but apk file work well before upload to google play store (installed te
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Knox Attestation fails inside the container
1. Download and build sample app to create Container from this link
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Linux on Dex license questions
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os 펌웨어 자동 업데이트 문의드립니다.
아래 samsung knox api 를 사용하여 펌웨어 업데이트 여부 확인, 펌웨어 자동 업데이트 진행이 가능한지 문의드립니다.
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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.
Hi there,
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Samsung's keyboard input types differing from stock android
Hello, I have never posted here nor know if this is the best place to be posing this question, however I believe this is a Samsung phone specific problem.
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Latest Android update breaks Kiosk mode functionality
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rules with setNetworkInterface = MOBILE_DATA_ONLY not working
Hi When I use DENY firewall rule for all aps (in loop) with
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End of Year KCC Termination Effects
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Kiosk mode & application widget
Hello, simple question Is It posssible to add application widget in the kiosk mode ?  
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License on Samsung Galaxy s5 device not getting activated
Hi, I am trying to activate license on Samsung Galaxy  S5 device but it is getting stuck and in logs I am getting 
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How to connect Samaung Ethernet Connectivity?
I am trying to connect the Ethernet to Samsung device on Android 6.0.1 version with Knox support library. I am trying to enforce the static IP address by manually.
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Problem with generating EDU ELM key
I can not generate a key (I use this link it says I need to have a partner accou
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Question on WifiAdminProfile
I am using the Knox SDK to creat a WiFi Profile.  I use WiFiAdminProfile class for the setup.  I am having trouble with the staticIpEnabled setup.  If I set that flag to false my profile appears to
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ERROR_NETWORK_GENERAL (error code: 502) occurs when Backward compatible License is activated.
Hi Team,
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