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Disable Lock Screen: Is it possible?
Hello, Is there a way, using an SDK, to remove the lock screen?
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API to capture ROM information
Information about ROM version can be obtained, manually, via the telephone keypad, in Samsung Galaxy devices. You enter *#1234# on the keypad, and version info will be displayed, like that:
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Escrow token is disabled on the current user
Got exception when calling DevicePolicyManager.setResetPasswordToken in Knox MDM app on Samsung 585 Android 8.1.0
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Add Dynamic/programmatically Permissions
Can add following pernission from java code/programmatically in project.
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Read out Bluetooth mac address and use of Bluetooth in Work Profile/Knox Workspace
We have several customer using a Swedish app named Phoniro care, which is on Google Play and can be app configured via Appconfig on Managed Google Play.
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Messages app notifcation missing in Kiosk mode
Hi When I use my Kiosk launcher app and activate this on my Samsung device all seems to work fine. Background picture, buttons, apps and their position on screen.
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About allowShareList() API
Hello. When I use "allowShareList(false)", that shows other results. On Galaxy Note4 which OS 6.0.1 can not attatch to email, but on Galaxy S10 which OS 9.0 can attatch to email.
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How to get the ELM key and "knox.jar" file?
I've found some apps that use Knox SDK to perform operations on apps:
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Samsung TAB-A location service problem
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Alternatives to keep GPS always on
Hello there,
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GPS stops working when phone is locked or app in background
Hello!   I have a question very similar to this one:
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Android 6.0.1 on Samsung: BLE discovery scan stops when phone is locked
I have developed an application that needs to run a continuous BLE scanning, because it has to check that all the surrounding peripherals are transmitting.
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RemoteInjection.injectPointerEvent injects at wrong coordinates
I observed this behaviour on Galaxy Note8 using KNOX SDK 3.3 for injecting events through my app.
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BLE Scan problems with Samsung devices
I worked on an application which use a BLE scan into a foreground service. I used ScanFilter in order to get scan results when the screen of my phone is locked.

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Samsung J6 cannot receive SMS message but can send SMS message after it was upgraded to Android 9.0.
Hi Team,
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Remove Google account programmatically
Hi! Is it possible with the Knox Standard SDK or Knox Customization SDK to remove a Google Account programmatically on a device? Regards Akshay
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The method powerOff not working
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Exception while migrating to Knox SDK
Hi We've migrated to Knox SDK, but we're getting an exception on the createApnSettings (ApnSettings apn) method. Here's the exception:
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java.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have
I'm trying to set a new logo for Dex. I get this exception  java.lang.SecurityException: Admin  does not have
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How can I use Samsung India Identity SDK v1.1 Sample App for pre-production server.
Hi Sir,
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