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How to activate license without showing the "Samsung KNOX Privacy Notice" confirmation window when in VMware Launcher
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Support for Backup and Restore in Knox SDK
Hi Team,
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_WIFI
Hi there,   I've successfully activated KNOX with a proper KLM key in my project.
2 0 1 day 19 hours
Error when using library
Hi, I'm getting the following error when trying to use "" library:
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Getting SecurityException: Admin doesn't own container 12, while calling any Knox API for AFW device.
Hello    We have tried to enroll Samsung J7Pro(OSV8.1.0 and Knox v3.2) device with Android for work (Profile Owner).
2 0 3 days 9 hours
Unable to update apk using updateApplication
We are using following code, but not working. Always getting false response of updateApplication method.
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How to detect which process has launched an application?
Hi, Is there a way to detect if an application is launched from a launcher, or Edge Swipe menu, or any other process? Thanks in advance Haluk
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Is it possible to get app usage with activity names (not only packages like in ApplicationPolicy)?
I'm using Knox on Samsung devices and a whole bunch of fallbacks to implement similar functionality on other Android devices.
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ADMIN permission
If I activate licence key and provide   permission, will it give me "su" rights?
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Denied app PHONE_STATE permission in Knox workspace
I have an app that listen to the regualr phone dialer incoming and outgoing calls and then takes actions.   The app works perfectly in the personal area.
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Upgrading WP to KNOX Workspace - java.lang.SecurityException: Profile is not a knox premium user 10 ContectInfo.uid 1010304
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Please provide if available any other api's for on/off bluetooth and on/off usb mass storage state, which are belong with KPE St
We are using following code for on/off bluetooth and on/off usb mass storage state (Knox SDK)- CustomDeviceManager cdm = CustomDeviceManager.getInstance();
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We migrate our app from Premium Knox SDK to Knox SDK facing following problems -
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Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy
Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy -
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Activating key
Okay, I've been struggling with this for few days now but can't seem to find a solution to my problem.
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access network error 502 -while updating knox sdk (License activation)
Hi Team,
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Location Policy - getAllLocationProviders method is not working with work profile.
 WORK PROFILE ISSUE -  The code given below is working fine for normal MDM client, but not for work profile.
3 0 1 month 1 day
Errorcode 502 while activating BackwardCompatible key using knox sdk
Hi Team,          I am updating our application to use Knox SDK 3.2.1 .          I have Created 1.KPE License key
2 0 1 month 4 days
Apps Consuming Battery Notification
Is there a way to turn off Apps Consuming Battery Notification programatically? Thank you for your time!
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Knox Backwards-Compatibility Sample App build fails with minifyEnabled true
Build fails in Android 3.1 with Gradle 4.4 if using  minifyEnabled true There are thousands warnings like this and the build fails
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