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Problem with generating EDU ELM key
I can not generate a key (I use this link it says I need to have a partner accou
8 1 1 day 13 hours
Do Android Enterprise/for Work profiles (non-KPE-licensed) get SDP protection on Samsung devices still
Back in the days of Knox 2.6, Samsung advertised that Android for Work profiles got extra protection on Knox devices. SDP, TIMA, and the other knox goodies.
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Can not generate elm key
I revoke kpe key but still can not generate new elm key.
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Can't generate EDU SDK keys
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Privacy policy is shown twice on Samsung Galaxy J1 with OS 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1
Hi, We are currently trying to integrate with KNOX sdk version 3.1 and we are seeing the following issue on Samsung Galaxy J1 device with Android version 4.4.4 and KNOX version code 2.1.
1 1 1 week 5 days
Cannot disable allowFactoryReset
0 0 2 weeks 3 days
Android application with Samsung KNOX
  Hi all,
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Is this function setGPSStateChangeAllowed available in Android Enterprise workspace ?
HI Team   I was using location policy for KNOX container like this -
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Error loading C++ remote desktop client lib on SM-G532M
When I try and load or or the legacy on a SM-G532M (Android version 6.0.1) I get an error that
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Location Policy - getAllLocationProviders method is not working with work profile.
 WORK PROFILE ISSUE -  The code given below is working fine for normal MDM client, but not for work profile.
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Error when using library
Hi, I'm getting the following error when trying to use "" library:
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Remove DEVICE ADMIN Permission silently
Hi I would like to uninstall an application using  appPolicy.uninstallApplication("OLD.ADMIN.PACKEGE",cacheStatus)
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Multiple Knox apps on device
We have two Knox apps that require backwards support. When we try to install the second app we get an error that prevents the install because a duplicate permission declared for :
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Permit drawing over other apps
Hello everybody,
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GlobalProxy not applied
Hi, We are trying to use ** to add Device wide proxy. However, we are having following issues:  
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FM Radio API related
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Knox SDK ELM License activation getting failed
Hi Team,
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Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_RESTRICTION OR
I am trying to migrate to the new knox sdk, i have created a new KLM key and was successfully able to activate the admin as well as license key.
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RemoteControl: How to inject special characters like ~ or ! or $
Hi, I have implemented the Remote Control functionality using Standard KNOX sdk (legacy). Its working fine.
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How Knox version mapping Android API level?
EX:  Android API Level 22 mapping Knox 2.4? or other?
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