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Device with Doze Mode not receiving FCM
Hi , We are working in a process which uses FCM , but the devices entered into Doze Mode didnt receives and process FCM. Already tried 
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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients
Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.
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Problem with MDM_WIFI permission on SM-T113
Hello, after activating(I think that the activation went sucessfully) on a tablet SM-T113 (android 4.4.4) keep geting the missing MDM_WIFI permission.
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We migrate our app from Premium Knox SDK to Knox SDK facing following problems -
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Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy
Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy -
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Block incoming calls
Good morning, We are trying to block all incoming calls on the device without success. We are using the method:
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Non Master automatically left session
Hello, We have problem participant (non master) suddenly left session when idle approximately 10 minute.
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License on Samsung Galaxy s5 device not getting activated
Hi, I am trying to activate license on Samsung Galaxy  S5 device but it is getting stuck and in logs I am getting 
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NFC stops scanning on Samsung devices
I'm developping an app for Samsung devices with an activity that has to handle a NFC tag.. This activity is called when the app is launched and on resume.
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How can I check which Samsung SDK is supported in particular devices?
I want to support all version of Android let's say android 4.1 to Latest, How can I check which Samsung SDK is supported in particular devices.
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Prevent my app from crashing
Hi, I noted that each time the user wants to activate Knox licence and the device has no internet connection my app crashes. How can I prvent this and show an error message instead?
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how to silent install other app using knox sdk
hi there, i trying to find a way how to install some apps on device with knox sdk.(like facebook, skype, whatsapp etc).  i found a example code :  
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Activate KLM License through Samsung Configure?
Is there a way for when we deploy our app through Samsung Knox Configure to also activate a KLM license at the same time?
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AppIdentity class is only supported from API level 17 and above (current is 14) using new SDK
Hi, I'm facing a problem trying to migrate KNOX SDK with supportlib. Currently, I'm activating these permissions in my app:
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Samsung A5 Audio Issues after Android 8 Update
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I want to output the app logo I want, not the app logo designated by the app developer.
HI I want to make the installed app logo look customization. I want to output the app logo I want, not the app logo designated by the app developer.
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DateTimePolicy.setNtpInfo has no effect whatsoever
I am building an internal Android application that is intended to run on a secured internal network with no access to the internet.
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Can we get HotSpot and Tethering data using knox API?
We want to implemnet a feature to show the apps data usage for which we have used following code:
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Issue with XCover4 android rel 8.1.0
Our application is implemented on top of the Samsung Xcover 4 where android 8.1.0 with Knox 3.2 runs. A PIN code is also set on this.
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Which SDK should I use for disable Hardware button for all Android Version?
Hello, My App is B2B, I want to disable hardware buttons (Home, Back, Recent, Power, Volume up, Volumn Down) on user selection.
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