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The Knox namespaces are changing

In July 2019, we are phasing out the old Knox namespaces to align with current Android conventions.
To do this, you will need to migrate to the Knox SDK. For more information on how to update your app(s), read our migration guide.

Knox Standard SDK


If you have migrated from the Eclipse IDE to Google's new Android Studio IDE, you can use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse add-on as follows:

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Extract the SDK's add-on .ZIP package into the folder: <android-sdk>\add-ons.

In Android Studio:

  1. Create a new Android Application project.
  2. Select the target platform, for example, Phone and Tablet.
  3. For the Minimum SDK, select the add-on, for example, Knox Customization 2.5 Addon.

If the add-on is not available in the Minimum SDK list:

  1. Select any other SDK (for example, API 19) and create the project.
  2. Open the build.gradle file for the app and change the compileSdkVersion to the add-on, for example,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.:Knox Customization 2.5 Addon:21

You can now access the APIs from this add-on.

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