What is DeX

Samsung DeX is a new user experience that allows your mobile device to offer a true desktop experience. Samsung DeX allows users to work on a desktop environment by connecting their mobile device to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse using an HDMI multi-adapter dongle. Samsung DeX compatible apps further streamline the user experience by optimizing everyday apps like Microsoft Word and Excel for DeX.

The economics of mobility are reshaping work, communication, and collaboration. With users seeking efficiency and productivity, Samsung DeX provides a solution for organizations to realize a mobile-only workforce. By combining the advantages of smartphones and PCs, your teams can be productive both at the office and on the go.

Samsung DeX Compatible Apps

Samsung DeX compatible apps are optimized for DeX mode. With these apps, users can work seamlessly with multiple apps in the same session, while interacting with them in a full desktop environment. Samsung DeX compatible apps include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe Photoshop Express, GoToMeeting, and more.

There are very few special implementations required for developers to optimize apps for Samsung DeX. Generally, apps that adhere to best practices of Android programming will successfully operate in Samsung DeX and do not require additional code. Learn more about optimizing your apps.

Knox and Samsung DeX

Furthermore, the Knox SDKs contain a multitude of APIs for developers to configure DeX; developers can also download the Knox SDKs hosted on SEAP. Developing with Knox SDKs for DeX devices, developers can implement Knox security features, configure workstations and devices, and much more.

How to Get Started

Reach out to a Samsung DeX expert: