30 Jan 2017

What's new in Knox 2.7.1?

By Karen (Programmer Writer)

Introducing Knox v2.7.1, the latest update to our platform! This brings features of Knox v2.7 to Android devices running on Nougat (7.x) and above, including the Samsung S7.

NOTE — To check the Knox version currently on your device, go to Settings > About device > Software info.
To check for any pending device updates available, go to Settings > About device > Software upgrade.

New features in Knox v2.7.1

Aside from support for Android Nougat devices, Knox v2.7.1 introduces these Knox Standard SDK v5.7.1 enhancements:

  • Data Saver — When turned on, this feature restricts background data usage by applications, which may prevent them from working properly. Use the new API method RestrictionPolicy.allowDataSaving.
  • Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) — This feature selects the highest firmware version allowed on devices. Use the API method RestrictionPolicy.setAllowedFOTAVersion.

There are also some changes introduced with Knox Customization SDK v2.7.1. For details, see the blog post Knox Customization SDK v2.7.1 updates.

Existing features in Knox v2.7

The list below just summarizes all the great features that were introduced with Knox v2.7, back in August 2016. Previously, these features were available only on the Note 7, but are now more widely available on Android Nougat devices. For more about the Knox v2.7 release, see the blog posts on the Knox 2.7 Release Master Page.

Advanced Security

Devices running Nougat and above will be protected with features such as:

  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Embedded Secure Element (eSE) for credential storage
  • Protection against JOP exploits


Knox 2.7 contains authentication features like:

  • Iris scan for Knox containers
  • Smart card authentication
  • Container login for CAC cards


Knox enhances user productivity with:

  • Android for Work APIs
  • APIs to add/delete app shortcuts
  • S/MIME key retention for email


Maintain a secure environment for your users with verification features, such as:

  • Attestation verification
  • ELM and KLM verification


IT admins can now manage system administration tasks more efficiently with:

  • Per-app VPN profile enhancements
  • Auto-reconnect for built-in Knox strongSwan VPN client


  • TIMA Keystore per-app API
  • Enhanced support for web proxy settings

Next steps ...

To download the latest v2.7.1 SDKs or browse their technical resources, please visit the individual SDK pages: