11 Jan 2019

What's new in E-FOTA v2?

By Karen (Programmer Writer)

We are excited to announce E-FOTA v2, the latest update to Samsung E-FOTA. This update provides you with four new APIs and four updates to existing E-FOTA v1 APIs.

NOTE — While you’re able to use E-FOTA v2 APIs in combination with E-FOTA version 1 APIs, it’s recommended you transition to the E-FOTA v2 APIs to efficiently manage groups of devices and control firmware updates installed on enterprise devices.

We encourage you to try the latest version 2 feature improvements to E-FOTA. For more information, see the Samsung E-FOTA landing page.

New features in E-FOTA v2

E-FOTA v2 includes enhancements to forced updates, licenses, device status checks and security.

Force update enhancements

forceUpdate comes with many improvements, such:

  • Update devices by using their serial numbers set in a Group ID.
  • Define network type requirements for downloading updates.
  • Push the newest update available to specified devices with a single command [Latest].

Additionally, forceUpdate now returns a force update ID that can return update information for up to three months. These are controlled with the following APIs:

  • forceUpdateDetail — Returns details about a specified push update with additional information for devices currently still processing the update, and devices that failed to download the update.
  • forceUpdateSummary — Provides a snapshot summary of a specified push update by providing the processing, success, and failed counts of a given target firmware push update.

For more information on update improvements, see the E-FOTA version 2 API reference.

License Info

licenseInfo allows IT admins to return the maximum device count and license expiration date.

It also provides real time updates to your device count including details such as: active period, license status, license type, purchased quantity, remaining quantity, and blocked device count.

For more information, see the API licenseInfo.

License management

E-FOTA version 2 provides enhanced license management capabilities for IT admins with the following new APIs:

  • abnormalDeviceList — Troubleshoot enrolment failures by obtaining status details for a list of devices that were unable to enroll to the E-FOTA service.
  • groupRegister — Register a group of devices to E-FOTA.
  • groupLicenseChange — Efficiently modify the license associated to a group of devices

For more information about these APIs, see the E-FOTA version 2 API reference.

Security Patch

Included in this release is an Android patch that includes security improvements to protect against vulnerabilities.

For additional information go to https://source.android/security/bulletin.

Namespace Changes

There are three namespace changes to E-FOTA v1 APIs when using E-FOTA v2:

  1. firmware from E-FOTA v1 is now called firmwareList on E-FOTA v2
  2. serverInit from E-FOTA v1 is now called forceUpdate on E-FOTA v2
  3. serviceRegister on E-FOTA v1 is now called groupRegister on E-FOTA v2

To learn more about the differences between E-FOTA v1 and E-FOTA v2, see introduction on The E-FOTA Developer guide.

Try them now…

We encourage you to try the latest improvements to Samsung E-FOTA.

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