24 Feb 2017

SEAP Newsletter - February 2017

By Anna (Marketing Coordinator)
Mobile World Congress 2017
MWC Samsung Press Conference Recap

Mobile World Congress 2017 is currently taking place in Barcelona, running from February 27 to March 2. Samsung held its press conference on February 26 (Sun) 19:00 CET at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain to announce the release of the Galaxy Tab S3, complete portfolio of commercial 5G solutions, and other new products.

To read about all the exciting announcements, go to the Samsung Newsroom.
A recap of the full press conference can be watched here.
Samsung Announces Commercial Readiness of its 5G RFIC
Low cost. High efficiency. Compact.
Samsung Electronics announced the commercial readiness of its 5G RF Integrated Circuit (RFIC). Read more details here. The RFIC itself is designed to greatly strengthen the overall performance of 5G access units (the 5G ‘base station’) and Samsung has placed a strong emphasis on designing for low cost, high efficiency and compact form factors. Each of these criteria is expected to play a critical role in delivering on the promises of 5G.

Follow more key announcements from Samsung at Mobile World Congress, Feb. 27 – March 2.

Partner Solution Brief Updates
Ensuring your Solution Brief is thorough & up to date!
Solution Briefs on the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program website are used frequently by internal Samsung employees to find solutions that meet their customers’ needs. These briefs are also available to customers and the general public to browse through and find solutions.

In order to ensure your solution brief is getting the right attention, you can login any time to make necessary updates including new features, and Samsung Knox integrated features. Once you use a Samsung Knox SDK it is very important to note it in the solution brief, as these Knox integrated solutions are of increased importance to our sales teams and customers!

To update or edit your solution brief, please log in with your Partner account here and select Modify Solution Briefs.
SEAP Developer Forum
Leverage your community of fellow developers and partners.
Here at SEAP, we are constantly finding new ways to help you get the most out of our development tools. From sample applications to tutorial videos, we see to it that you are provided the necessary resources, documentation, and channels to foster learning and provide adequate support.

On top of that, with our SEAP Developer Forum, you can get the support you need by leveraging our community of SEAP Developers and Partners. Learn from the experiences and conversations of other members of the community by browsing existing threads and conversations. Members of our SEAP team are also always on hand to provide assistance and support.

Have a question in mind? Access the developer forum here.