10 Apr 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Enhanced Security Feature - Secure Folder

By Anna (Marketing Coordinator)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers users several effective mechanisms to better protect data. One of these features is Secure Folder, a security solution which helps mobile users protect their valuable data and information such as private apps and files. Secure Folder is also compatible with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones supporting Android OS 7.0 or later versions, and Samsung plans to extend support to additional devices soon.  The downloadable version of Secure Folder is available on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Secure Folder

Secure Folder leverages the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private, encrypted space on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  As there is no MDM required to manage Secure Folder, this solution is suitable for personal and business usage.  Setup is quick and easy – after downloading from the Samsung Galaxy App Store, users just need to set up an authentication method (Password/Pattern/Pin/Biometric).  Once the user is authenticated, access is granted - enabling apps and data to be installed and created directly in Secure Folder, or moved to Secure Folder from outside the container to be secured.

More Details


Secure Folder can also be used alongside Knox Workspace, enabling two Knox container solutions at the same time.  This enables users to have a dedicated work environment (Knox Workspace) as well as a secure area (Secure Folder) for more sensitive personal apps and data such as banking apps.  While both solutions leverage the security of the Knox platform, Knox Workspace also provides enhanced granular controls over device features to enterprise IT administrators, enabling policy management to ensure compliance with corporate IT policies.  Secure Folder does not enable granular policy management, instead there are applied default policies that manage Lock / Active states and need password requirements to ensure maximum security with minimum setup and complexity.

For Developers

Secure Folder is a great example of a publicly available security solution leveraging Samsung Knox.  Samsung also enables developers and partners with the ability to leverage the security of the Samsung Knox framework to better secure B2B solutions.  The tools enabling developers to secure apps and data through encryption and containerization are available through the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP).  A couple examples of these tools are below:

Sensitive Data Protection (SDP) APIs let developers protect sensitive data, either in a database or in a file, by encrypting the data using a cryptographic key that is based on either the device unlock password or an app-specific password.  App developers simply identify which files or database columns to protect. Optionally, developers can provide an app-specific password to generate the cryptographic key used during data encryption and decryption. If no password is provided a password, the device unlock password is used by default. The SDP APIs are included in the Knox ISV SDK.

Knox Enabled App enables developers to take advantage of Samsung Knox platform-level security features for individual apps by providing the ability to place apps in an invisible isolated container environment, and also automatically encrypting Data-at-Rest. Creating a Knox Enabled App requires minimal coding, just a few extra lines of code in the apps manifest file, no MDM is needed, and users won’t notice a difference in the layout and design of the app, only a Knox badge on the app’s launcher icon. 

Get Started

  • Download Secure Folder from Galaxy App Store.
  • Your sensitive data can easily be moved to Secure Folder by selecting Move to Secure Folder from native apps such as Gallery, My files, or Contacts, or by tapping Add files inside Secure Folder.
  • For additional privacy, you can also customize Secure Folder by changing its name and icon. You can also hide the Secure Folder icon from your home screen altogether using Quick Panel.

Next Steps

  • To learn more about Security Folder features visit Samsung Newsroom
  • For additional information about Knox Security Platform visit Samsung Knox
  • To access resources for B2B commercial solution developers visit SEAP