12 Apr 2017

New app package names with Android Nougat (v7.x)

By Wendy (Content Strategist)

S Planner, Contacts, and Phone have new app package names

With the Android Nougat (v7.x) release, we have changed the names of a few apps that are pre-loaded onto Samsung devices. This was to move the app package names from the Android namespace to a Samsung namespace.

Here are the apps with new package names:


Name before Android N

Name with Android N onwards

S Planner









This blog post provides tips for:

  • Enterprise IT Admins
  • Solution Partners and Developers

to help transition smoothly to the new names used in Android Nougat.

Enterprise IT Admins

Check your MDM or EMM system to see if the old app package names are being used.

If you have a mix of devices running Android Nougat and earlier versions of Android, you might need to create multiple configuration profiles depending on your MDM or EMM system.

Below are some example policies where you might have provided the old app package names:

  • Apps that can be whitelisted or blacklisted inside a Knox container. If, for example, you blacklisted all apps from being installed in a container, then whitelisted only a few apps like the S Planner and Contacts, you must use the new app package names or the apps will not install inside the container. Note that whereas the S Planner and Contacts apps can be installed inside the Knox Workspace and Knox Lightweight containers, the Phone app is included only in the Knox Container only mode.
  • Apps that can clear their data or cache.
  • Apps that can display notifications or be forced to stop.
  • Apps that can use a configured VPN profile.

The old app names may have been used in places like MDM or EMM profile configurations, resulting in unexpected behaviors like apps missing from Knox containers.

There may be other policy areas supported by your MDM or EMM system that identify apps by their APK package names; use the search tool to find these and replace the old APK names with the new ones:

If there are many instances, you might consider temporarily stopping Over-the-Air firmware updates on your company devices until you have fixed and tested the new app package names on Android Nougat.

Solution Partners and Developers

We recommend that you do the following:

  • Notify your customers of these app package name changes, so that they can temporarily stop Over-The-Air updates if they need to fix app package names for Android Nougat.
  • We also recommend that you update any app that might handle the old app package names (for example, MDM or EMM clients). If a device is running Android N, you should automatically convert the old app package names to the new app package names. Ask your customers to deploy this new version of your app.

For details about which Samsung Knox API methods manage app package names:

  1. On our SDK page, click the SDK you are using.
  2. In the left column, under the selected SDK, click API Reference.
  3. In the right column, click the latest API Reference.
  4. In the upper-right corner, in the Search box, enter package to see all API methods that manage app packages.
  5. From the search results list, select an API method to see details about how it manages app packages.

For Support

  • Discuss questions or issues through our developer forum.
  • Get expert technical support. This is for registered SEAP partners only. If you signed up with us as a developer, you can upgrade to partner if you are a registered business with a market-ready solution.