16 Aug 2016

Knox 2.7 Release Master Page

By Coby (Marketing Coordinator)
Everything you need to know about our newest SDKs, features, and updates as part of the Knox 2.7 Release.

Find everything you need to know about our newest SDKs, including the Samsung Connect Auto SDK, updates to existing SDKs, and enhanced security features, all available on the SEAP Portal.
Knox 2.7 Blog Series
Our Knox 2.7 blog series gives you a more in-depth look at each new tool and feature included in this latest edition. We will be posting several blogs every week until early September, each highlighting an updated SDK or feature in Knox 2.7.
Knox Customization SDK
New SystemManager class APIs to customize your users' experiences
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Knox Enabled App
Improved security and usability features
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Knox Premium SDK
Enhanced security features, including authentication by iris-scan
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Knox Standard SDK
New features and support enhancements for your EMM solution
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Improving License Security
Enhanced licensing security with app signature and hash, as well as REST API licensing
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