17 Sep 2018

Introducing: KPE Premium license key

By Arthur (Programmer Writer)

To improve the process of commercially deploying apps, we are upgrading the Knox License (KLM) and renaming it the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Premium license key. This upgraded key will be available later this year to all SEAP users.

The KPE Premium key allows you to use a single key type to commercially deploy apps that have access to Premium app permissions. Previously, you needed to obtain both legacy Enterprise Licenses (ELM) and Knox Licenses (KLM) to perform commercial deployments – this complicated the process. Although the KPE Premium key replaces them, existing ELM and KLM keys will continue to work.

Note that new ELM and KLM license keys will no longer be generated beginning later this year.

The KPE Premium key also allows you to use a licensing model that is consistent for nearly all SDKs provided by SEAP, including customization and Universal Credential Management (UCM) features that have not been provided before. Using the KPE Premium key, you can produce commercial apps for the Knox SDK and Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables, among others.


How to use the KPE Premium license key

You can purchase a KPE Premium license key through a Knox reseller when you are ready to commercially deploy your app.

It is activated the same way you would activate any other license – you create a license receiver and use the license activation API from the KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager class.

Once you activate your license successfully, your app will be granted Standard and Premium permissions that are declared in your AndroidManifest.xml file.

We also have new logic that requires you to register your KPE Premium license to certify your ownership over your app. By certifying ownership, you prevent others from using your keys to distribute malicious apps that could compromise your enterprise’s data. Make sure to declare at least one permission in your AndroidManifest.xml file before registering your KPE Premium license.


Other changes to SEAP

With the introduction of the KPE Premium key, we are onboarding additional changes to SEAP.

1. License key names are changing.

We are renaming the Samsung Knox License (SKL) to the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license.

The SKL key names will map to the new KPE key names as follows:

  • Development SKL is now KPE Development
    Provides Standard and Premium permissions from the Knox SDK free of cost for development-purposes. May be generated from the SEAP website.
  • (Free) Production SKL is now KPE Standard
    Provides Standard permissions from the Knox SDK. Used for commercial deployments. May be generated from the SEAP website.

The KPE Premium license key fits into this model as a paid key that provides Standard and Premium permissions.

All KPE license keys are activated the same way as before.

2. New information and UI

We are rolling out new content and UI on SEAP to make license key information more discoverable and informative. We hope you enjoy it!

The following pages will contain new information and UI:

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please email us at seap@samsung.com. As well, if you are a partner with a KPE Premium key (a.k.a. Workspace key) and you would like to get early access to the new key to prepare your apps, please let us know.


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