Introducing Knox Configure

At Samsung, we are continuously looking for ways to help you work smarter. We know that in today’s enterprise and B2B2C device deployments, thousands of devices often need to be set up at the same time. Each device may require a particular group of settings, apps, and content. This creates a lot of work for IT admins, and that is why we have introduced Knox Configure.

Knox Configure is a new cloud-based service that enables IT admins to remotely configure Samsung Galaxy devices in bulk and customize them to address specific business needs. Devices provisioned by Knox Configure can be deployed by enterprises for employees, distributed to consumers as rebranded devices, or defined as single-purpose public kiosks.

Use Knox Configure to remotely deploy device settings, content, and apps. Knox Configure also supports advanced features for booting animation changes, setup wizard cancellation, Kiosk Mode enablement, hard key remapping, Enterprise Billing, and Shared Device support.

Knox Configure has an easy-to-use web portal interface. Through this portal, IT admins create profiles with specific device settings, restrictions, apps, and additional content to deploy to devices. Devices automatically enroll when powered on, and receive their configuration profiles over-the-air via a Wi-Fi connection or carrier network.

Knox Configure’s capabilities include:

  • Frictionless out-of-the-box setup — Seamlessly configure devices for specific business requirements
  • Rebranded software — Expose a company’s unique branding and business applications, and embed them onto devices
  • Purpose-built appliance — Transform off-the-shelf devices into single-purpose appliances with customized user experiences
  • Advanced device configurations — Customize a wide range of granular device settings and take full control of corporate-owned devices

Device resellers and carriers can also leverage Knox Configure to save time and effort in setting up or staging Samsung devices before delivery to their customers.

We’ll be working to continuously improve the Knox Configure experience. For more information, please visit the Knox Configure page.


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