29 Jan 2019

Improving your mobile development experience with Remote Test Lab

By Sabrina (Portal Administrator)

In November 2018, we conducted a developer survey aimed towards improving the SEAP user experience. In response to the question “What business needs did you want to meet with SEAP?”, an overwhelming 83% of respondents wanted access to test devices — the most requested feature by far.

More specifically, many petitioned for access to technical resources, documentation, and ability to test solutions on upcoming technologies. One recurring suggestion from developers was for Samsung to implement a device loaner or purchase program; for these users, we have a program that satisfies those needs!


Remote Test Lab

Introducing the Remote Test Lab, a solution designed by Samsung to streamline the application testing process. Not only does the Remote Test Lab minimize development costs by providing developers with access to test devices free of charge, the virtual environment also facilitates real-time interaction with these devices.

Note: Devices that have not yet been released are currently unavailable to the public; however, VIP partners can contact us for special access on a case-by-case basis.



  • Device reservation – Developers are guaranteed exclusive access to a particular device through the reservation system.
  • Real-time application testing – APK, TPK, and WGT files can be loaded to real Android & Tizen devices in a comprehensive testing environment.
  • Test automation – Developers are able to test a set of operations repeatedly on a variety of different devices.
  • Screen sharing – Other users can view a developer’s screen, encouraging collaboration and iterative feedback.


Interested? To get started, you will need:


Remote Testing Alternatives

In addition to Samsung’s Remote Test Lab, there are other options available for developers to test their applications in a virtual environment.

  • AWS Device Farm – a cloud-based app testing service developed by Amazon to facilitate automated testing and remote device access
  • Genymotion – an Android emulator that allows developers to simulate various devices in the cloud and on the computer (through Android Studio)

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