Developing with Knox and DeX

By Amy (Technical Writer)

Since DeX has been released, the enterprise world has been buzzing with excitement about Samsung’s latest offering, which allows users to get a desktop experience from a mobile phone. Instead of having to carry both a laptop and a phone, users can now dock their phones to DeX and run a desktop experience that’s powered by a phone. Users can write documents, edit spreadsheets, and create presentations on a large screen without purchasing a separate laptop.

Naturally, many enterprises are interested in running Knox on devices docked to DeX. Knox devices protect sensitive data with hardware-backed security. DeX devices running on Knox allows users to benefit from Knox security features without sacrificing the ease of using productivity apps on a large screen.

DeX is a new concept for both users and enterprise developers. There are some things to keep in mind when developing with Knox SDKs for devices that may also run DeX. Some APIs may not behave as expected when the device runs in DeX mode. If you are building a MDM or EMM, some device management policies may not be supported.


Not supported in DeX

Selected APIs in the classes below aren’t supported while the device is in DeX mode.

Application Policies

The following APIs aren’t supported in DeX mode.

  • addPackagesToWidgetBlackList — DeX mode doesn’t support widgets.
  • getHomeShortcuts – This API is designed to get a list of Home Screen shortcuts from mobile mode. Since the home screen in DeX has a separate set of shortcuts, this API isn’t supported in DeX mode.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode replaces the default Samsung launcher with a launcher customized according to the APIs below. Since DeX runs on a different launcher compared to the default Samsung launcher Kiosk Mode APIs aren’t supported.

ProKiosk Manager

ProKioskManager belongs to Samsung’s set of advanced device configuration APIs. Similar to Kiosk Mode, ProKiosk mode operates by replacing the default Samsung launcher with a customized device launcher. Since DeX has its own launcher ProKioskManager APIs aren’t supported

Knox Custom Manager

In DeX mode, the screen displays horizontally with a desktop launcher that’s separate from the mobile TouchWiz launcher. Since Knox Custom Manager controls the display properties for the Touchwiz launcher, the following APIs aren’t supported in DeX:

The following KnoxCustomManager APIs aren’t supported, because they modify the Touchwiz version of the device display properties and don’t apply to the DeX display properties:

The following APIs aren’t supported on DeX-compatible devices:

Restriction Policy Group

Devices docked in the DeX station can’t connect directly with a USB device. USB devices must connect through the DeX station instead. The following APIs manage a device’s USB connectivity and are not supported in DeX mode:

Remote Control

The Remote Control APIs were designed for mobile screens. The Remote Control APIs don’t support the DeX screen resolution.

Multi-User Management

APIs in the Multi-User Management class aren’t supported while the device is in DeX mode.


May not be supported

Currently, the APIs below may not be supported in DeX mode.


Will be supported in the near future

The following APIs are currently not supported in DeX, but will be supported in the near future:


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