What's new in E-FOTA

This section covers what is new in each release of Samsung Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA).


E-FOTA version 2 introduces a set of new features and capabilities to help you manage your enterprise devices with 4 new E-FOTA v2 APIs and updates to 4 APIs from E-FOTA v1.

Updated API overview

E-FOTA v1 API E-FOTA v2 API revision Description
firmware firmwareList

API to return the list of firmware versions available.

licenseInfo licenseInfo

API to return information about E-FOTA license.

serverInit forceUpdate

API to push a force update to a list of E-FOTA devices.

serviceRegister groupRegister

API to register a group of IDs and licenses to E-FOTA.

New API overview

API Description
groupLicenseChange API to change the E-FOTA license associated to a group ID.

API to return a list of devices that is processing the push update or has failed to download the push update associated with a specified force update ID.

NOTE — The API call is only available for 3 months after the force update ID is generated.

API to return a force update summary that includes a count of the devices that has currently downloaded, failed to download or is currently processing a target firmware update. 

NOTE — The API call is only available for 3 months after the force update ID is generated.

API to return the fail status of a list of devices that was unable to enrol into the E-FOTA service.

For more details on what's new with E-FOTA version 2, visit the Samsung E-FOTA REST API reference page.


Samsung releases new versions of Android firmware to provide new features, improve performance and resolve known bugs. While each firmware undergoes comprehensive testing and certification on our extensive range of mobile devices, you may want to wait before deploying new firmware updates to your organization's devices.

With Samsung E-FOTA, you can control the deployment of new firmware with the following features:

  • Select the highest firmware version allowed on devices.
  • Force the download of a specific firmware version onto a fleet of devices without requiring user actions.
  • Schedule downloads during non business hours when mobile workers aren't using their devices.

E-FOTA V1 API overview

API call Description

API returns a list of firmware versions available for update.


API returns the maximum number of devices and expiration date for an E-FOTA license.

serverInit API pushes a force firmware update for E-FOTA devices in a specified time period.
serviceRegister API registers a group of devices associated with a group ID to use the E-FOTA service.

For more details, visit the Samsung E-FOTA REST API reference page.