Samsung E-FOTA REST API Reference

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Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) enables enterprises to control which versions of firmware updates are installed on their employees' devices. This is a benefit to an enterprise since it allows you to:

  • Verify that business-critical software is compatible with a specific firmware version before rolling out the firmware to employees. This can prevent conflicts between corporate software and firmware that can break business processes and reduce productivity.
  • Quickly roll out to all enterprise devices a firmware version that fixes a critical security issue or bug. This can prevent the propagation of known security exploits.

For step-by-step details about how to set up E-FOTA, see the Samsung E-FOTA Developer Guide.

Quick reference

This REST API reference provides details about the syntax of the Samsung E-FOTA REST API calls:

REST API URI Description
firmware Review the available firmware for a given device model.
licenseInfo Get the maximum number of devices and expiration date for an E-FOTA license.
serverInit Force the start of a firmware update during a specified time period.
serviceregister Register to use the E-FOTA service on behalf of an end customer.